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POWERTECH Compatible Battery for Dell N3010 N5010 15R 14R 17R BAT-022
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: Powertech Model: BAT-022
Type: LI-IONVoltage: 11.1VCapacity: 4400mAhReplace Part Numbers:0383CW 04YRJH06P6PN 07XFJJ0J1KND 0J4XDH0W7H3N 312-0233383CW 3UR18650A-2-DLL-39451-11510 4YRJH7XFJJ J1KNDJ4XDH P07FP07F001 P07F002P07F003 P08EP08E001 P10SP10S001 P11GP11G001 P13EP13E001 P14EP14E001 P16FP16F001 P17FP17F001 P19GP19G001 P20..
Ex Tax:49.99€
Green Cell Battery for Dell Latitude E7440 / 7,4V 4500mAh DE93
10 - 30 Days
Brand: Green Cell Model: DE93
Replaces models (10)34GKR451-BBFS909H5F38HTWVG8T0909H50WVG8TOWVG8T3RNFDPFXCRSuitable for devices (2)Dell Latitude E7440Dell Latitude E7450..
Ex Tax:54.80€
Green Cell ULTRA Battery for Dell Latitude E6220 E6230 E6320 E6320 / 11,1V 6800mAh DE55ULTRA
10 - 30 Days
Brand: Green Cell Model: DE55ULTRA
Replaces models (66)YOWYY09K6P451-11704F33MFO9K6P0F7W7V11HYV312-1239312-1240312-1241312-1379312-1380312-1381312-14463W2YX451-11702451-11703451-11978451-11979451-119805X31762CG87FF1K7M0N5823F99GXD59P0W69POW6CPXG0CPXGOCWTM0CWTMOF7W7VFHHVXFN3PTFRR0GFRROGGYKF8HGKH0HGKHOHJ474J79X4JN0C3JNOC3K2R82K4CP5K94X..
Ex Tax:74.80€
Brand: Green Cell Model: DE117
Replaces models (11)0VVXTW5TFCYOVVXTWRYXXHNGGX505TFCY0PYWG0RYXXHO5TFCYOPYWGORYXXHSuitable for devices (9)Dell Latitude E5250Dell Latitude E5450Dell Latitude E5550Dell Latitude 3150Dell Latitude 3160Dell Latitude 5550Dell Latitude 5450Dell Latitude 5250Dell Latitude 5270..
Ex Tax:58.80€
Green Cell Battery for Dell Inspiron 3521 5521 5537 5721 / 14,4V 2200mAh DE109
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: Green Cell Model: DE109
Replaces models (42)YGMTN00MF690MF6924DRM312-1387312-1390312-1392312-1433451-12097451-1210449VTP4DMNG4WY7C68DTP6HY596K73M6KP1N6XH006XHOO8RT138TT5W9K1VPDJ9W6FW1MNG019YG35K4MF69MK1R0MR90YMR9OYN121YOMF69OOMF69PVJ7JT1G4MV1YJ7V8VNTVR7HMW6XNMX29KDXCMRDXRDW2Suitable for devices (51)Dell Vostro P52G002Dell ..
Ex Tax:42.80€
Brand: Qoltec Model: 7282.DELL-13R
COMPATIBLE WITHDellCELL TYPELi-ionCAPACITY4400 mAhVOLTAGE10.8 V - 11.1 VCODE REPLACEMENT BATTERY04YRJH, 06P6PN, 07XFJJ, 0YXVK2, 312-0233, 312-0234, 312-0235, 312-0240, 312-1180, 312-1197, 312-1198, 312-1200, 312-1201, 312-1202, 312-1204, 312-1205, 312-1206, 312-1262, 383CW, 451-11510, 40Y28, 4T7JN, ..
Ex Tax:49.99€
Whitenergy Battery Dell Latitude D410 4400mAh Li-Ion 11,1V
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: Whitenergy Model: 04168
Replaces batteries312-0314 312-0315 Y5179 Y5180 Y6142 ABDT6142 T6142 0NC431 0PC215 0UY441 0X5179 0X5308 0X5309 0X5329 0X5330 0X5332 0X5333 312-0314 NC431 PC215 UY441 X5179 X5308 X5309 X5329 X5330 X5332 X5333 Y6142Compatible withLatitude D410..
Ex Tax:28.80€
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