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Coffee Maker Maximum capacity: 1.25l Number of cups at once: 10 Keep warm feature White
30 days 7 - 22 working
This stylish designed coffee maker with matt white finishing has a glass jug with a capacity of 1.25 liters which makes it suitable for making 10 cups of coffee.The coffee maker is very practical in use and has a removable filter holder and a washable coffee filter for extra convenience. The 30-seco..
Ex Tax:39.90€
LIFE ORIGIN Espresso-Cappuccino Machine15bar, 1450W
-7 % 30 days 7 - 22 working
129.00€ 139.00€
Ex Tax:129.00€
LIFE MyFrappe INOX+ Drink mixer with 1 inox and 1 plastic cup, 100W
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: LIFE Model: LIFE MyFrappe INOX+
- Ideal for preparing instant coffee, milk shake, cocktails, baby food, dressing, e.t.c.- 2 cups included:Stainless Steel cup 500mlPlastic cup, black color, 450ml- 2 speed levels, low/high ( I/II)- Easy to use and clean- Low noise level motor- Rubber feet for for excellent stability- Dimensions (LxW..
Ex Tax:27.90€
LIFE Ellinikos Hλεκτρικό μπρίκι για Ελληνικό καφέ και ζεστό νερό, 800W
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: LIFE Model: LIFE Ellinikos
With LIFE Ellinikos you can enjoy your favorite Greek coffee (up to 6 cups) at your convenience, super-fast and economically.No need for use of your kitchen hob or small gas appliances. On top you can use LIFE Ellinikos to boil water fast for your tea or any other beverage.Made with cool touch housi..
Ex Tax:19.90€
LIFE MiniMix Mini drink mixer, 25W
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: LIFE Model: LIFE MiniMix
- Suitable for preparing Nescafe, Frappe, food sauces, juices, cocktails, baby creams, etc- 15cm metallic shaft for comfortable use even within tall glasses- Ergonomic handle for convenient use- Practical operation switch- Protective shaft cover/dozer (80ml)- Easy to use and to clean- Dimensions (Lx..
Ex Tax:9.90€
LIFE CM-200 Programmable filter coffee maker 1.5L, 950W
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: LIFE Model: CM-200
Programmable coffee maker 1.5L, 950W.Enjoy a cup of warm, flavorful filter coffee just when you come out of bed thanks to the programmable function of LIFE CM-200 coffee maker. You only have to adjust (the night before) the time at which you wish your coffee maker to switch-on and start brewing. You..
Ex Tax:54.90€
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: ESPERANZA Model: EKC006
The ROBUSTA filter coffee maker by Esperanza will make you want a morning, freshly brewed coffee every day. Its 0.6l capacity will ensure the optimum amount of coffee for two. The ROBUSTA coffee maker by Esperanza will prepare your favourite, full of wonderful aroma and taste, coffee faster and easi..
Ex Tax:18.80€
Premium design electric Greek coffee maker, 550W.
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: LIFE Model: LIFE Ταμπής
The new electric kettle LIFE Tampis, came to offer you every day the delicious experience of your favorite Greek coffee. You can roast up to 6 cups of coffee, easily, quickly and economically with the push of a button, without the need to use a stove or gas stove!It has an overflow sensor and automa..
Ex Tax:49.90€
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