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Power Tool Charger

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Brand: Green Cell Model: CHARGPT06
Replaces models (1)627064000Suitable for devices (130)Metabo BSZ 12Metabo BSZ12Metabo BSZ12 ImpulsMetabo BZ 12 SPMetabo BZ12SPMetabo SSP 12Metabo SSP12Metabo ULA 9.6Metabo 602167500Metabo 602164500Metabo 02150000Metabo 02151100Metabo 02152000Metabo 02156000Metabo 02511000Metabo 6.02150Metabo 6.02150..
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Green Cell Power Tool Battery for Hitachi CJ14DL BCL1415 14.4V 1.5Ah PT108
10 - 30 Days
Brand: Green Cell Model: PT108
Capacity: 1500 mAh | Voltage: 14.4V | Warranty: 12 monthsReplaces models (19)EBL1430326-236326-823326-824326236326823326824327-728327-729327728327729334-422334-423334422334423BCL1415BCL1420BCL1430BCL1440Suitable for devices (78)Hitachi WR14DMRHitachi CHitachi CJ14DLHitachi DH 14DLHitachi DH14DLHitac..
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