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3-in-1 screen cleaning kit 35 ml fluid + cloth + brush
30 days 7 - 22 working
Anti-static, alcohol-free cleaning kit to clean TV, tablet, smartphone or PC screens in an instance. It removes dust, fingerprints and streaks, leaving no scratches or other damage.Features- Anti-static, alcohol-free and antibacterial, which kills most bacteria on a screen without scratches or other..
Ex Tax:6.50€
ESPERANZA Cleaning foam ES104 for plastic surfaces, 400ml
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: ESPERANZA Model: ES104
Use:For plastic surfacesCapacity:400 mlKind:AerosolWarranty:24 Months..
Ex Tax:5.99€
Set of cleaning brushes in various sizes CLN-0014, 3 pcs
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: OEM Model: CLN-0014
Set consisting of 3 different cleaning brushes, made of plastic fibers.The brushes are intended for use with a drill and thanks to their design they will help you clean almost any surface you want.The set consists of two flat brushes with a diameter of 4.5cm and 9cm and one with a cylindrical one wi..
Ex Tax:12.00€
Self-adhesive insulating tape HUH-0087 for windows, 7x8mm, 5m, brown
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: OEM Model: HUH-0087
Self-adhesive insulating tape that can be used to seal doors and windows, effectively preventing the ingress of air, dust and grime.FeaturesLength: 5mHair height: 8mmWidth: 7mmColor: Brown..
Ex Tax:3.50€
Self-adhesive insulating tape HUH-0086 for windows, 7x6mm, 5m, brown HUH-0086
30 days 7 - 22 working
Brand: OEM Model: HUH-0086
FeaturesLength: 5mHair height: 6mmWidth: 7mmColor: Brown..
Ex Tax:3.99€
Cleaning Duster Spray (400ml) LogiLink RP0001
4 - 10 Days
Brand: LogiLink Model: 030269
For cleaning of inaccessible areasMetered spray strenghtProperly free of CFCSuitable for multimedia and office equipmentKeyboards, printers, disk drives,Cameras, photocopiers, fax machines, cell phonesGame consoles, TV devices, etc.Spray nozzle extensionContains propane / butaneWeight: 400 ml..
Ex Tax:6.35€
Silicone Spray LogiLink RP0015
4 - 10 Days
Brand: LogiLink Model: 030582
You can use it to maintain, protect and impregnate metal, rubber and plastic parts or to lubricate moving parts of locks, hinges, zippers, sport equipment or sliding roofs...
Ex Tax:6.00€
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