Cooling Paste 3 gr White 

This white cooling paste is to be applied in small quantity on the CPU before the cooler is being placed. Due to the special compound of the paste the heat is much better guided away from the CPU to the cooler. 
This grease-like compound will not dry out, harden, or melt. This paste is designed to provide optimal heat transfer from the CPU to the cooler. 
- Apply before placing the cooler 
- Doesn't dry out, harden or melt 
- Thermal impedance: <0,229 ?-in2/W 

- Thermische weerstand: <0,229 ?-in2/W 
- Content 3g 

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Cooling Paste 3 gr White, NEDIS

  • Brand: NEDIS
  • Product Code: NEDIS COOLP100WT
  • SKU Code: ΕΙΔΗ-00018076
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  • 4.50€